A Bootful of Books

erudite cat

I started this blog at a quiet time when there’s not much bookselling going on. For the same reason today I visited a friend who lives on the south coast, and who also finds books for me. We had a chat with his cat (see left), and lunch at Highdown Tearooms, where they do ploughman’s lunches with portions of cheeses to last an average person a week, and rock cakes the size of tea plates. Highdown Gardens are worth a visit, too – planted in an old chalk quarry on the South Downs – and beyond there’s a nice walk up the hill to a reasonably well-preserved Iron Age hillfort (TQ093043), with good views across the Weald and the Channel, and a bit further west a (sail-less) windmill (TQ082044).

I now, however, have a Zafira half full of books to work my way through and get online. It’s always interesting to work through what he’s got me as it’s always worthwhile stuff and I never can tell what he’ll have found. So I’d best get started emptying the car.

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