Important information from the BBC News website

Currently the most popular story on the BBC News website is TV Star Dec Misses England World Cup Goal. Key points of this story include that this was because of a power cut, that he found out about the goal “in a text from a mate in Swindon” and he and his friends “rushed out into the street and listened to the rest of the first half on car radios”.

Having managed to watch the second half by making it back to his production office in Chiswick, “It felt like another part of following England in this World Cup,” said the star, philosophically, but not particularly comprehensibly. “It’s just another part of supporting the team against all the odds. I suppose it’s par for the course, really.”

It’s also possible to listen to 30 seconds of We’re On the Ball , Ant and Dec’s 2002 World Cup song while reading the article.

I can see why newspapers and magazines publish this sort of drivel, as they have areas of newsprint to fill, but what’s the point of the BBC news website carrying such banality? I can only presume that the reason it became the most popular story is that people clicked on it in disbelief – I’m afraid that I helped in its popularity by reading it in incredulity.

P.S. Midday on the following day and it’s still the 4th most popular story – as my daughter said, “Why would anybody care?”

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