Michael Moorcock signing The Coming of the Terraphiles, and Final Programme Q&A at BFI

Coming of the Terraphiles

Further to my earlier post about Michael Moorcock’s new venture into Doctor Who novel writing (Moorcock + Doctor Who is designed to provoke interest as they both have large cult followings), he will be signing copies at the Forbidden Planet Megastore in London on Thursday 21 October from 1800-1900. I’m not sure one hour will be long enough.

He’s in London a little earlier than that, too. At 2030 on 10 August the BFI is screening 1973’s The Final Programme, written and directed by Robert Fuest from Michael Moorcock’s novel, with a Q&A with Moorcock after.

The film stars Jon Finch (Jerry Cornelius) and Jenny Runacre (Miss Brunner); although I haven’t watched it for years (I’ve just checked and  DVDs seem to be in short supply), I remember it as a rather mediocre action film, with the ending Final Programmevery much changed from that of the novel’s – to the detriment of the plot. At the time Michael Moorcock didn’t like it, and I don’t remember thinking the movie served the book well. However, if you like early Bond films or The Avengers, you will probably enjoy this – the words “Sixties cult” describe it best (Fuest worked on The Avengers, and the film features Patrick Magee). It will be interesting to see what Michael Moorcock has to say in the Q&A.

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