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Dr Alice Roberts’ Human Body

You’re possibly wondering what other sort of body she might have – am I about to suggest that she’s a Slitheen, perhaps? Nothing so exciting. Tonight was what seems to be becoming The Annual Dorling Kindersley Lecture at the Royal … Continue reading

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Whose Grand Design is it anyway? Stephen Hawking (and Leonard Mlodinow) produce a big dud

The old adage about London buses holds true in other areas of life, too, it seems. Wait for a book by an eminent physicist and then two come along almost together.  Here’s an idea for Harry Hill: which is best, … Continue reading

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Cycles of Time: Roger Penrose at the Royal Institution

Well, my mind has been well and truly boggled this evening. I started the day by driving over the North Downs at Gatton early this morning. The main roads were all clogged up so, although I was in an area … Continue reading

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Wrest Park

I’d been looking for somewhere to meet up with my sister & brother-in-law that was roughly equidistant (they live in the Fens, we live in Surrey) and hit upon Wrest Park in Bedfordshire. It’s a Grade 1 listed French-style C18 … Continue reading

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Understanding old stuff

I listened to a ‘Much Binding in the Marsh’ from November 1948 on BBC Radio 7 last week and one of the jokes went something like: ‘Murdoch, you’re wearing glasses – is there something wrong with your eyes?’ ‘No everyone’s … Continue reading

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DIY DNA extraction, Royal Society, and maps.

The Royal Institution has a laboratory facility for children in their basement, designed for schools to bring their children along to get on with some serious science. This evening they had a members’ event, Science live @ the L’Oreal Young … Continue reading

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The Spiritual Quixote: or, the Summer’s Ramble of Mr Geoffry Wildgoose by Richard Graves

I have recently finished reading Richard Graves’ The Spiritual Quixote: or, the Summer’s Ramble of Mr Geoffry Wildgoose; it’s often described as ‘engaging’, and that’s the perfect adjective. As might be expected from the title, the plotline is based, as … Continue reading

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