Time Team & Francis Pryor – In the Long Run

It is pleasing to see that a new series of Time Team is coming to Channel 4, starting on Sunday (22 January) at 1800. Let’s hope that it is kept scheduled at the same time for the whole series instead of being moved around, which makes it hard to know when it’s next going to be on.

The first episode has them delving on and near the island of Gateholm (‘Goat Island’ from the Old Scandinavian), which is right down in the far southwest of Pembrokeshire, in the small group of islands which also includes Skomer & Skokholm (more Norse names).

See the intrepid archaeologists accessing the island by zipwire! Francis Pryor, archaeologist and author, has written an amusing account of this in his new blog, In the Long Run: archaeology, rural life and the lessons of history. The intent is for the blog to be about ‘archaeology, gardening, farming and rural life, books, broadcasting, history and the occasional intemperate rant’ which sounds good to me.

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