Francis Pryor blogging the new series of Time Team

Since my previous posts about Time Team there’s been an awful lot of media coverage, including two issues of British Archaeology magazine with a fair bit of coverage.

After the initial programmes which seemed to be taking the programme in quite a different direction, the rest of the series seemed to have settled back into much more like the old formula. The biggest gripe on my part was the irregularity of the scheduling, the programme was moved around between late afternoon and early evening, I don’t think it was ever on the same time two weeks running. I haven’t watched all the series yet, so I’m going to have to catch up with the ones I missed (because the transmission times were so irregular) on 4OD, if I can get round to it before they’ve disappeared. In the series I particularly enjoyed the Dunwich, Kenfig and Copperopolis digs.

The next series (the twentieth) has just started filming, and Francis Pryor is blogging as the digs progress (the ones that he’s directing, that is). They’re starting on an Iron Age hillfort, and there should be daily updates for four days.

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