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Charlotte, Shelley and the debt crisis

Princess Charlotte was an unhappy person, and had what would appear to have been a horrible life. She was the daughter of the Prince Regent (later King George IV), and although she found happiness in her marriage to Prince Leopold … Continue reading

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How times have changed

Here’s the cover of a book for trades union bargainers, published in 1975.

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Cherkley Court update

Following on from my recent post about the planning application for a golf course and associated stuff at Cherkley Court, last week the local council approved the planning application (with a large number of conditions). One councillor  suggested that a … Continue reading

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Perigean lycanthropy fallacious, says BBC News

The Moon is particularly close to the Earth at present – at its closest, in fact. Its orbit is not circular, rather with an eccentricity of over 5%, and so as it describes its elliptical path it is at some … Continue reading

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