Cherkley Court update

Following on from my recent post about the planning application for a golf course and associated stuff at Cherkley Court, last week the local council approved the planning application (with a large number of conditions). One councillor  suggested that a golf course would improve the appearance of the area. This gloomy morning I took some photos from the road running past Cherkley Court’s entrance (and which passes through an existing golf course a little further on). Cows and cowslips. A golf course would look better. Of course.

Cherkley Court cowslips

Cherkley Court cowslip

Cherkley Court cowslip

Cherkley Court cowslip

Cherkley Court cowslip

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One Response to Cherkley Court update

  1. Cherkley Campaign also has new photographs on the website showing the natural beauty of this rural estate in the Surrey Hills. The Olympic Cylclists will see the same view, as your photos nine times as they complete the Box Hill loop on 28th July. Even on a gloomy day its still a beautiful landscape – pity the cows weren’t on view in the cowslip season.

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