South Downs / The Browning Version at the Harold Pinter Theatre

For many years Terence Rattigan’s The Browning Version has been paired with his Harlequinade. The Chichester Festival Theatre wanted to stage The Browning Version to commemorate the centenary of the author’s birth, the Terence Rattigan Estate deciding they would like a different play to go with it, and so approached David Hare to write one. South Downs is the result, and the double bill is now showing at the Harold Pinter Theatre.

My daughter took me to see it as a belated present for Fathers’ Day, and I’m very glad she did so. South Downs is a very good play, The Browning Version is a great play, and they were equally well-staged and well-acted. All the performances were very good, but two stood out from the others o me: Alex Lawther is excruciating as the awkward, bullied Blakemore in South Downs, and Nicholas Farrell as Crocker-Harris in The Browning Version.

I could say a lot more but my daughter has an excellent post about them on her blog and so I will refer you to her. Tomorrow we go to see Posh at the Duke of York’s Theatre.

P.S. Posh was excellent, improved by having my seat upgraded to the Royal Circle, and the cast was exceptional. Once again, I can refer you to my daughter’s post on her blog (this is saving me a lot of effort!).

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