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Brian Aldiss, John Clute, Michael Moorcock and Norman Spinrad at the British Library

The OED says: New Wave, n. and adj. Forms: also with lower-case initials. Etymology: < NEW adj. + WAVE n.  2 b. With the. A loose movement in science fiction writing from the mid-1960s to mid-1970s, characterized by an experimental … Continue reading

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Michael Innes and Michael Moorcock, From London Far and Modem Times 2.0

I’ve just realised how long it is since my last post – it’s longer than I thought. Neither have I been getting out much lately, in part because we had ongoing building work; I did get to a talk at … Continue reading

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Michael Moorcock’s Doctor Who: The Coming of the Terraphiles has come at last

The planet Venice is a world of canals, from space resembling a papal orb. She is being plundered by Captain Cornelius, ‘the Dutchman’, space pirate, wearing a brazen Pierrot mask he is known as ‘Ironface’ to his multifarious crew of … Continue reading

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Michael Moorocock at the BFI

I last saw The Final Programme when it first came out in 1973: I didn’t enjoy it very much then and I’m afraid I didn’t enjoy it all that much this evening at the BFI. There were a few slow … Continue reading

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INTO THE MEDIA WEB: selected short non-fiction, 1956-2006, by Michael Moorcock

I mentioned in my post about Michael Moorcock, Doctor Who & Colonel Pyat that there was a new Moorcock anthology due in August. Into the Media Web, edited by John Davey, landed on my doorstep early this morning – presumably … Continue reading

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Michael Moorcock signing The Coming of the Terraphiles, and Final Programme Q&A at BFI

Further to my earlier post about Michael Moorcock’s new venture into Doctor Who novel writing (Moorcock + Doctor Who is designed to provoke interest as they both have large cult followings), he will be signing copies at the Forbidden Planet … Continue reading

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Michael Moorcock, Doctor Who, Colonel Pyat, and Mervyn Peake

This should be interesting – and enjoyable, I hope: Michael Moorcock has written a new Doctor Who novel, The Coming of the Terraphiles, which ties the Doctor Who universe with Moorcock’s own Multiverse. Wide Screen Baroque aimed at ‘grown-ups who … Continue reading

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