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How Would You Define Hephaestus Books’ Interesting ‘Paradigm’?

I haven’t had an intemperate rant for quite a long time now, but I feel a series coming on, of which the first is: Whilst browsing through Amazon looking for books on a variety of subjects recently I have been … Continue reading

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Nobby not acceptable but Dick and Fanny fine: Enid Blyton for the Twenty-first Century

In Saturday’s Guardian there was an article about Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books getting a ‘makeover’ – changing some of the terminology to fit modern times, for example ‘mother’ to ‘mum’, ‘mercy me’ to ‘oh no’, and ‘fellow’ to ‘old … Continue reading

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English Heritage Publishing

I bought The English Buildings Book: an architectural guide by Philip Wilkinson and Peter Ashley (English Heritage 2006) in a cheap books shop in Horsham the other day for £6 instead of £35. This was presumably remaindered as part of … Continue reading

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